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Bathurst 1000: Facts you might not know October 05, 2018 - Posted in: Uncategorized

If there was a second race that could stop a nation then we think the Bathurst 1000 would be it. This weekend we see 26 Supercars tearing around mount panorama vying for the title of King Of The hill. But before the action kicks off we thought we’d see how big of a fan you are and if you knew these little fun facts about the event.

1 — The total distance travelled in the Bathurst 1000 is the equivalent distance from Sydney to Brisbane

2 — The race on average last around 6.5 hours. The 1hr drive from Brisbane to Gold Coast makes us tired.

3 — The Supercars whip around the track an average speed of 161.5km/h and a top speed of about 300km/h

4 — Adrenaline is pumping with driver’s heart rate averaging 170 beats per minute during the race.

5 — The cabin temperature in a V8 SuperCar have been known to rise to 60 degrees Celsius. Which can result in a drivers core body temp to reach fever level of 39 degrees Celsius.

6 — Who needs a gym membership. Drivers do the equivalent of 1200 x 120kg single leg presses to exert the required brake pedal pressure

7 — The track was originally made as a scenic tourist drive in 1938. Although considered one of the greatest racetracks in the world, it remains a public road on non-race weekends.

8 —Established in 1814, Bathurst is the oldest inland settlement in Australia.

9 — 0.1seconds is the closest winning margin recorder to date. It was in 1977 between Alan Moffat and Colin Bond.

10 — If V8 SuperCars had wings they could take off down Conrod Straight. Boeing 757’s are travelling about 270km/h when they take off, an Airbus A320 at 275km/h and a Boeing 747 at 290km/h. Bear in mind, the 747 weighs more than 320,000kgs. V8 supercars travel close to 300km/h on the famous back straight at Mount Panorama and need every bit of downforce — and road — to keep their four wheels on the ground.