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JS87 Bent Valve

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Pneumatic Tube


Mobility scooters
Scrubbers and sweepers
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Grey Tyres & Tubes for Scooters, Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices are intended for both indoor and outdoor use on most surfaces. They perform in a similar manner to their black coloured equivalents except they are non-marking so can be used on light coloured flooring and tiles without leaving marks. Just like a motor vehicle, worn treads will mean that the tyres lose their grip – tyres should be replaced before the tread wears down significantly. Tubes, which have valve types to suit common rim styles, are available to suit most of our pneumatic wheel and tyres range. QHDC is proud to supply Primo brand grey tyres and tubes – a globally recognised, quality brand manufactured by CST (Cheng Shin Tyres). Our pneumatic wheels are chosen for their quality and suitablity for tough Australian conditions. Please note: Most grey tyres are also available with a puncture free foam filled option, please see next page for stocked sizes. Other sizes of tyres are also available on indent however minimum order quantities apply. QHDC is a proud sponsor of the 2016 GIO Summer Down Under Wheelchair Road Racing Series – the highest profile wheelchair sporting event in Australia.

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